A DIFFERENT KIND OF CHURCH for the people of Lakeland

Sharing the gospel with every person in Lakeland and communicating the importance of spiritual leadership in the family.

Worship: Sunday @ 10:45 AM | City Central Prayer Meeting: Wednesday @ 6:30 PM

A Non-Denominational church


Why our church

It's all about LOVE

City Central Church is based on the New Testament Book of Acts, specifically focusing on Acts 1-4 as the blueprint for who we are and what we do. These chapters in God’s Word demonstrate the power and beauty of simplicity, focusing only on those things that are eternally significant.

Love God

Loving God means doing everything possible to express to Him our passionate devotion to Who He is, not just what He can do for us.

Love Community

Loving Community involves expressing the love of God in practical ways to our neighbors in every direction.

Love People

Loving People means caring about individuals enough to listen, encourage, pray for, and communicate truth.

Love Jesus

Loving Jesus involves obeying Him beginning with a personal commitment of our lives to Him.