In Acts 1-4 there are 20 specific areas of ministry in which the early followers of Jesus focused. These will be City Central Church’s focus as well. 


Preaching/Teaching God’s Word – Acts 2:42; 4:31
Communicating God’s Word through presenting the context of Scripture, word study, and application to daily life.


Studying God’s Word – Acts 2:42; 4:31
Consistently opening God’s Word daily and reading, reflecting upon, praying the Scripture, and asking the Holy Spirit to speak to you. This is followed by Application or Obedience to His Word.  


Studying God’s Word – Acts 2:46; 47
Through words, music, expressions of praise, demonstrating our belief that God is Worthy to receive our adoration, praise, and thanksgiving for Who He is in addition to what He has done.


Loving God – Acts 2:47
Through actions, attitudes and words expressing our unconditional love for God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit.


Loving People/Ministering To/Caring for People – Acts 4:31; 36
Demonstrating the love of God in practical ways to people in need within the church and community.


Missions – Acts 1:8
Taking seriously the command to share the gospel with as many people as possible beginning with those in our circle of influence locally, nationally and globally through developing strategic partnerships.


Community Minded/Involvement – Acts 2:47
Demonstrating to the community through acts of service and ministry that we care for people in need. Involvement and a presence at community events is essential to connecting with our community.


Evangelism – Acts 2:47; 4:12; 4:20; 4:31
Sharing the gospel with as many people as possible in Lakeland, beginning with those in our circle of influence and beyond with a sense of urgency.


Joy – Acts 2:46
Practicing joy and expressing that our faith affects our emotions in beneficial and positive ways. Our worship services reflect the joy of the Lord.  


Transparency/Sincerity – Acts 2:46
Living out loud the truth and sharing the truth in all we do. Truth is unchanging reality for all times, for all situations, and for all people.


Lord’s Supper – Acts 2:42
“Breaking Bread” here refers to the Lord’s Supper. Obeying the ordinance of taking bread, which represents the body of Jesus and taking juice, which represents the blood of Jesus, with the opportunity weekly.


Prayer – Acts 2:42; 4:31
Intentionally talking and listening to God consistently, both at set times and doing so as a way of life. Corporate prayer will be filtered throughout the worship service, times of gathering for prayer, and specific prayer requests that are turned in.


Filled with the Holy Spirit – Acts 3:8;
Control of the Holy Spirit due to our confessing sin, seeking God’s forgiveness, and by faith asking for the filling of the Holy Spirit. This is a repeated and continuous act on the part of a believer in order to experience overcoming power.


Doctrine – Acts 2:42
Essential beliefs of Christianity that are unchanging on which our church is built. Preferences are choices not mandated by Scripture. Doctrine is unchanging yet preferences do change.


Unity – Acts 2:1, 2:44; 4:32
A spirit of togetherness based on common beliefs (doctrine). The leadership will always be unanimous before any major decisions are made. Unity is essential to church health and growth.


Fellowship – Acts 2:42
Intentionally gathering together with other believers for the purpose of glorifying God and enjoying the company of others who share our faith. In home fellowships will be promoted.


Giving – Acts 2:45; 4:36
Tithing is the beginning of obedient giving followed by offerings which is anything above the tithe (10%). Opportunities to give come from online giving; collection boxes; and mail.


Experiencing God – Acts 4:33
Seeking to join what God is doing and intentionally becoming a part of it through prayer, obedience, Scripture reading, worship, and service.


Baptism – Acts 2:38; 41
Obedience to Jesus’ command by immersion and after salvation. We encourage baptism as soon as possible after salvation. Baptisms will take place on Sundays in the worship service and by appointment.


Healing Acts 3:1-10
Praying for God’s divine intervention of healing of one’s body, mind, emotions, or relations. Healing prayer teams will be available to pray over those requesting prayer at the end of each worship service.