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City Central Church Blog

Stay up to date on what's happening at City Central Church in Tacoma. This is the place we share testimonies and other things we're excited about!

be alert

Stay Alert

Jesus wanted His disciples to be people expectantly watching for His return. If you knew He were returning tomorrow, would you live differently?
trap of pain

The Trap of Pain

Unless we deal with pain properly, we can get caught in the trap of pain and compromise our emotional, spiritual, and relational health.
Medicate or Motivate

Medicate or Motivate

While the world is full of pain, very few of us have been trained on how to deal with it in a healthy way.

City Central Church

At City Central Church, our mission is to adore God, become like Christ and contend for Jesus' kingdom. To this end, we provide a semi-regular blog to bring encouragement and edification to City Central members and visitors. Often, these posts supplement or expand upon a sermon series or specific Sunday morning teaching with additional thoughts or notes to consider throughout your week. Occasionally, we aim to bring clarity to specific concepts or terms discussed on recent Sunday mornings. We also like to feature reports from City Central missionaries serving in the field and testimonies from people like you!

If you are just getting acquainted with our community on the web through these posts, thank you for reading. If you happen to find yourself in Tacoma, we welcome you to join us for worship at City Central Church on Sixth Avenue. Feel free to share anything that blesses you on this site, and visit again soon for new updates. The blog is written and maintained by the pastors, staff and members of City Central Church. Our hope is that you are encouraged in your walk with the Lord!