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spiritual language

The Beauty of Spiritual Language | Part 2

The Bible tells us that the enemy comes as an imposter and seeks to discredit the things of God. That is why we are warned that, “Satan masquerades as an angel of light” (2 Corinthians 11:14). One of the ways he does this is by tainting rich and life-giving aspects of our relationship with the…

God who provides

The God of Provision

Provision is something that many of us pray about regularly, and the Lord’s prayer encourages us to shamelessly pray for provision. In fact, the whole middle of the Lord’s prayer is filled with petitions and requests for spiritual and practical needs. Jesus told His disciples to pray in this manner…. “Give us this day our…

dealing with disappointment

Dealing with Disappointment

The Lord’s Prayer is filled with asking. It starts and ends with praise, and is filled with requests. The first three asks are directed to God (Matthew 6:9-10): His name, kingdom, and will; and the last three toward human needs (:11-13): physical, relational, and spiritual. It’s encouraging that this model prayer embraces both our physical…


Prayer that Breaks Through

Prayer is a powerful and exercise that sometimes comes with a lot of questions. Why keep praying when we don’t see results? Does God have all power? For Him to release that power, do we need to pray? Have you ever contemplated questions like this as it pertains to prayer? If we understand a few…