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City Central Church Blog

Stay up to date on what's happening at City Central Church in Tacoma. This is the place we share testimonies and other things we're excited about!


Renewal of the Heart

When we have everything we need, it can sometimes be hard to see our need for God. Is it time for a renewal of your heart?

Spiritual Renewal

If we're honest, there are some areas of our lives that need a complete overhaul. How do we recapture the abundant life we've been created to live?
persevering hope

Persevering Hope

How do you develop true, lasting hope when you find yourself facing unrealized promises in your life, family, or community?
power of a name

The Power of a Name

What's in a name? By looking at the names of Jesus prophesied by Isaiah, we learn more about the attributes of God.
make room for Jesus

Make Room for Jesus

Christmas season is about making room for Jesus. What does it look like to be a true worshipper and create space to meet with Jesus?
spirit of christmas

Spirit of Christmas

If you want to have the best Christmas this year, you need to understand and embrace the essential message of the season.
blessed life

The Blessed Life

Happiness is highly valued, and yet can so easily slip through our finger. What does it look like the live a blessed life?
father to the fatherless

Father to the Fatherless

The story of the orphan is our story too. Had God not intervened on our behalf, we would be without relationship with the one who knit us together.
find joy

What Joy?!

All too often, we put our hope in a change of circumstance that we think will bring joy, and are left disappointed. So what does true, lasting joy look like?