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Just Say Yes | The Broyles Family

What does it look like to follow God’s will? Just say yes, one day at a time. And that’s exactly what Dan and Lindy Broyles are doing. For Dan, an important yes came when he traveled to Namibia on a study abroad trip in 2003. He was aiming for a career in political science, and simply…


Spiritual Renewal

Spiritual Renewal According to Ephesians 3, God’s love for His people is beyond what we can comprehend. It’s powerful beyond description, casts out all fear, refreshes those who are spent and parched, heals the deepest of wounds, restores the disenfranchised, and fills the hungry and thirsty. How can we recapture this abundant life and experience…

dangers of worry

The Dangers of Worry

The Dangers of Worry “Worry causes brain damage.” As I listened to a teaching from cognitive neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf, those words struck deep. Dr. Leaf loves Jesus and studies the way He created the human body, specifically the mind. Her professional study has shown the precision of God’s plan of mind renewal from a scientific perspective (listen…

See Him Rightly

Same Name, Different God Have you ever had a conversation about someone and then later realized that you were both using the same name but were talking about completely different people? Imagine you were talking with three people and one of them said, “I met Chris Hippe today” and you ask, “What is he like?” The…