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Empowering Grace

Following Jesus sets a Christian apart from every other world religion. Years ago, that very question was discussed at a conference. Some argued that Christianity is unique in teaching that God became man, but a few objected, saying that other religions teach similar doctrines. What about the resurrection? No, it was argued, other faiths believe…

From Charlottesville to “The Way of Blood”

In light of all that is taking place in our nation and across the world, the Parable of the Good Samaritan holds a timely message. This parable is so well-known, hospitals have been named after the person in this story, and “Good Samaritan” laws have been passed to encourage a passerby to help those in…


What’s Wrong with Grownups?

When the 10-year-olds in Mrs. Imogene Frost’s class at the Brookside, N.J. Community Sunday School expressed their views of “What’s wrong with grownups?” they came up with these complaints: Grownups make promises, then they forget all about them, or else they say it wasn’t really a promise, just a maybe. Grownups don’t do the things…


7 Characteristics of a Great Father

We live in a day and age that fathers are desperately needed. According to the U.S. census bureau, 24 million children (that’s 1 out of 3) live without their biological father in the home. Consequently, there is a father factor in nearly all social ills facing America today. Millions more have dads who are physically…